Line and I acquired another rare figure recently: the houndstooth version of Alter’s Rise Kujikawa swimsuit figure!  The mass-produced one came in orange and yellow but as soon as I saw photos of this one I knew I preferred the houndstooth/black combination over the other.  She was incredibly hard to find; there were only 500 of these figures made and she was an Atlus D-Shop Exclusive, but Line found her and ordered her online for me.  

Since she’s an Alter figure, the sculpt and the coloring is extremely well-done and she’s got a ton of little details, like the Teddie charm on her cell phone and the fact that the insoles of her shoes also have a houndstooth pattern printed on them.  Amazing.

I think the only other scaled Rise figure I’m going to really want in my life is MegaHouse’s upcoming Rise based on her P4U design.  That’ll make three Rises on my shelf.  Now where’s my Yosuke figure?