I made a thing.

It ended up being a 10-12 foot tall thing.  All of this started, ironically, because I wanted to cosplay her and couldn’t figure out how.  She’s made from two Halloween skeletons, one of which was disassembled, had its legs converted into arms, and had the ribcage cut apart to make part of the spinal column where the collar attaches.  The larger ribcage beneath the main torso was made by hand, using cut strips of pipe insulation foam and wire.  Most of her arms and legs were assembled using cardboard tubes and foamcore.  All of her pieces were constructed and then had sheet plastic melted over the top of them to create the skin effect.  I’ve been working on and off on this since last Halloween, so it was nice to see it finally assembled at Fanime.  She was a good chaperone for King’s Game.